We are the oldest Farm Supply Store in our 50 miles service area.  That means we have experienced just about everything when it comes to your animals, your garden, your lawn, or your pasture.  Our advice is our most valuable, least expensive product available.

Our Sevices

Feed Products

We have the largest selection of feeds from the largest selection of feed suppliers in Montgomery County, Texas.  It doesn’t matter what type of animal you have; horse, cow, pig, sheep, goat, dog, etc…we have what you need.

Fertilizer Products

It doesn’t matter what type of grass you have, lawn or pasture, bermuda or St. Augustine, we speak fertilizer.  We don’t just guess at what your soil needs might be, we do soil samples at no cost.

Veterinarian Products

Sometimes your animal needs that little extra ingredient to compete and win.  It may be a change in tack, a supplement added to the feed, or sometimes just advice from someone that’s “been there and done that”.

Meet Our Team! 

Bill Bergfeld

Bill, the owner, retired from Veterinary practice in 1992 and began helping his father at Conroe Feeders Supply in 1996.  As an animal owner, you’ll need advice for specific illnesses, injuries, or diets.  Bill’s experience from 17 years of Veterinary practice and 22 years of farm store service is one of many resources available to you, the customer.  Ask him, if he doesn’t know how to best help you, he will direct you to someone that can.

Perla Castrejon

If you need that special product that no one routinely stocks, Perla, the sales staff manager, will work to find it for you.  Perla will do the research for availability, price, and earliest delivery date.  She is an expert in inventory ordering and management.  If you need lawn and garden advice, Perla works closely with our suppliers to provide the products you want and need.

Our F.E.E.D. graduates include Amy Wallace and Vanessa Euceda.  Both are experienced customer service representatives.  Vanessa is an experienced Poultry Service Representative and Amy, our Domestic Animal Service Representative, concentrates on helping horse, dog, and cat owners.

Amy Wallace

Vanessa Euceda

Artiest Phillips

If you need pasture improvement, fertilization, disking, mowing, or spraying, Artiest Phillips can help.  He handles all outside equipment activities.  His specialties include weed identification and herbicide application along with soil sample collection and custom fertilizer blending and spreading.

Pedro Mancilla

With over 7,000 square feet of warehouse space, we needed an expert to handle product stocking and delivering feed and fertilizer items to our customers.  Pedro Mancilla has 15 years of experience doing that, right here at Conroe Feeders Supply.  With over 800 feed, seed, hay, and fertilizer products in stock, Pedro is an expert in stock level recognition, rotation, and distribution.