Congratulations! You’re a horse owner! You’ve waited perhaps years to buy your first pony or horse, and now that you’ve got one, the work begins. For starters, what do you feed your horse? When? What vaccinations does your horse need? When does your horse need shoeing? And what does its whinnies mean? Conroe Feeders Supply in Conroe can help. We are a vet supply store that stocks animal feed, livestock supplies, and fertilizer. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to choose your horse’s animal feed. Contact us today!


Conroe Feeders Supply is a little different than your average farm supply store. We’re not going to sell you “any ‘ol animal feed” and call it good. Instead, we focus on the animal itself, in this case, your horse. The animal feed that will best feed your horse depends on a variety of factors:

  • Basic biological information. We’ll need to know how old is your horse, is it a boy or girl, is your horse overweight or underweight or just right, how is the health of your horse’s coat, and what is your horse’s overall health. This is important because like all animals their needs change as they age. There are six basic nutrient categories that horses need: carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water. Colts need an animal feed that is high-quality and specifically formulated for their age with lots of protein along with hay.
  • Environment. Where will your horse be spending the majority of its day? Will it be in a stall or will it be pastured? How much exercise is your horse getting? Will your horse be alone or will it have other animals around?
  • The horse’s job. Will your horse be a working horse, say for example pulling carriages for weddings or helping with daily chores around the farm? Or will your horse be simply a companion animal whom you spend time with going on leisurely rides?
  • Recommendations. Once we understand your horse’s nutrients need based on the lifestyle your horse will lead, we can now recommend the best animal feed to fit your horse’s needs.


  • Water. Your horse will need anywhere between five and fifteen gallons of fresh water a day, depending on what work your horse is doing. Access to fresh drinking water at all times is ideal. If not, fill your horse’s water trough at least twice a day, and let him or her drink till full. Make sure the water is clean.
  • Understand yourself your horse’s nutritional needs. For example, hay and grass (known as structural carbohydrates) are essential to your horse’s diet. Hay is one of their main sources of food, and they should be eating between 15 and 20 pounds of grass or hay (one to two percent of their body weight) in hay every day. Make sure the hay is free from mold and dust, which can be harmful to your horse.
  • Nonstructural carbohydrates, like oats, corn, and barley, are also essential to a horse’s nutritional health and should be provided in small amounts every day. These nutritional requirements are best when fed throughout the day. In general, your horse can have up to ½ pound of grain per 100 pounds of body weight.
  • Make sure your horse is getting protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals in its feed. This is where the animal feed experts at Conroe Feeders Supply can help. While your horse needs protein, fats, and vitamins, this is usually not a lot (except in the cases of colts), and it can be easy to give your horse too much of these that it doesn’t need, which can be detrimental to its health. Supplements may be needed occasionally to help with any lack of vitamins or minerals your horse is not receiving.
  • Go easy on the horse treats. Yes, we all love when horses eat apples, carrots, and celery stalks from our hands. Just remember these are not a normal part of their diet, and while not harmful, could fill up your horse and make him or her not eat all of his or her animal feed, which is the nutrients your horse needs.


Conroe Feeders Supply in Conroe loves horses and all animals like you do. In fact, we’ve dedicated our lives to providing them with the veterinary supplies and livestock supplies your horse and other animals need. Owning an animal is a big responsibility. We are now responsible for the health of our animals, which impacts their quality of life. They need the right nutrients like we do in order to do the things they do best — frolic in the paddock, run around and chase squirrels, or purr on our laps.

As the oldest farm supply store in the Conroe area, we have a wealth of knowledge to offer you on the care of your livestock and animals, including animal feed and livestock supplies. Our mission is to help you keep your animals and livestock happy and healthy for years to come. Through our veterinary supplies, farm supplies, barn supplies, and agricultural supplies, we aim to be your one-stop-shop for all you need to keep your farm (and household) running smoothly.

Animals are precious gifts in our lives, and we here at Conroe Feeders Supply are here for you to make their animal feed exactly what they need. Visit our animal feed store today!