If you’ve ever gone on a long road trip across the United States, odds are you’ve seen different breeds of cattle. Some are very distinguishable, such as the Texas Longhorn; others, look the same as the one standing next to it such as the Angus cattle. Conroe Feeders Supply is a farm supply store in Conroe that offers livestock supplies and cattle equipment. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the different breeds of cattle you are likely to see in your highway adventures. Contact us today!


  • Black Angus. The black angus cattle breed is the most popular type of cattle breed in the United States — and for good reason. These cattle are almost always all black and yields some of the best tasting beef. These cattle are hardy animals that require little maintenance, and they are some of the best care-takers of their calves.
  • Herefords. Another very recognizable breed of cattle, these cattle are known for their white faces and dark red coloring. Imported from England because of their quick growth rates and ability to fatten up, these cattle are very docile creatures, make good mothers, and make exceptional milkers.
  • Red Angus. Not as popular as the Black Angus, these cattle are almost always all red in coloring. With very similar characteristics as their cousins, Red Angus yield wonderful marbled beef, are docile, care for their young well, and are a bit better in hotter temperatures.
  • The Texas Longhorn. Known for their extremely long horns, which can grow to over 1.8 m, these cattle were brought over by Christopher Columbus and the Spanish colonists, but developed their characteristics while here in America. Texas Longhorns can be any color and any color combination, but red and white are the most frequently seen. A hardy species, Texas Longhorn are naturally resistant to parasites and diseases, produces a very lean beef, and are intelligent and docile.
  • Holsteins. Probably the most recognizable of all cattle due to them being featured so frequently in dairy commercials, Holsteins are black and white or red and white, usually with a white stripe down the center of their face. Holsteins are the most popular breed of cattle for dairy farmers, although they produce very good meat as well. Good-natured and easy to handle, Holstein cattle have the highest milk production of all cattle.
  • Highland cattle. Another distinctive breed, Highland cattle are known for their mane of hair that hangs in their faces. A relatively new immigrant to the United States, Highland cattle were first imported in the 1880s from Scotland. This hardy breed thrives in cold climates, such as Alaska and Scandinavian countries, and has natural maternal abilities. Most frequently seen in light red, Highland cattle come in a variety of colors and offers up lean, flavorful meat. The Highland cattle is one of the fastest growing breeds in the United States in terms of popularity.


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