Having the opportunity to work on a livestock market project is one that should never get passed up. Not only is this a great opportunity for children to learn more about animals, but it provides them with a chance to fully understand discipline and responsibility in regards to livestock. If you have a child that’s going to be showing an animal for the first time, or you’re a parent that will be helping a child out with a livestock project and it’s your first time, keep reading.

In today’s blog, we’re going to cover a few basic tips that will help make this first year working with livestock, regardless of what specific animal you’re working with, a little bit easier.

Spend Lots of Time With the Animal

One of the toughest parts about working with animals is that it requires quite a bit of time and effort for them to fully trust you, and this is no different for livestock animals. In fact, it’s the process of building trust that can make or break your ability to show them and how well you’re able to work with the animal.

Spending quality time with your animal is by far the best way to start building your relationship with them. A lot of the time that you spend with them will be when you care for them — feed them, bathe them, clip them, change out their stall, and the like.

While this is a lot of time already that you’re going to be spending with them, spending downtime with your animal is equally important. Even a little bit of time sitting in their pen and talking while they’re in there is good. This not only gives them time to get comfortable with your presence, but with your voice.

Work With a Veterinarian

Every animal needs a reliable form of care that they can turn to in case something goes wrong. While you will be the animal’s primary caregiver, if there is an emergency that arrises it’s good that you have a veterinarian that you trust and are close with to turn to for help. Depending on your comfort levels, the veterinarian that you turn to will also be the individual that’s vaccinating your animals — another important piece of quality livestock.

If you’re just getting started with showing animals, you may want to ask around to see who some of the other people in 4H recommend. Word of mouth is extremely valuable when it comes to the well-being of your animals.

Invest in Quality Feed

Presenting a livestock project requires you to work with the animal. From the time that you receive your animal to the moment that you’re walking it around the arena, you will be working with that animal to show the workmanship that you’ve put into it. A vital piece to presenting the best livestock you can present is the quality of the feed you’re providing your animal with. Not sure what it is that your animal needs?

Stop by Conroe Feeders Supply today or give us a call. Our team has been the primary feed store for our 50-mile area and can provide you with some guidance in choosing your feed. We’d be happy to help you get your livestock project started off on the right foot.