Starting life as a little bundle of soft down, chickens were born cute. They make adorable peeping noises as a chick and are some of the softest animals to hold. Chicks become popular around Easter and at Conroe Feeders Supply in Conroe, we usually get a bunch in for your farm. But have you been holding off on getting a chicken for your farm? Below, we’ll list reasons why every farm needs a chicken. Pick up your chick and your chicken supplies today!


  • Chickens are easy to care for. Getting a backyard chicken in your residential neighborhood (if ordinances allow it) will legitimately allow your home to be called a farm. When you live on a farm, chickens are great to have around. In the summer, they mainly feed themselves, roaming around your farm, eating the pests you don’t want around anyways, such as grasshoppers and crickets, and eating a minimal amount of chicken feed. You don’t have to bathe them, kiss them, or even love them. They are quite content, leading their lives as chickens, with only fresh water and chicken feed provided.
  • Chickens don’t require much space. Chickens only require a chicken coop, which protects them at night from predators such as coyotes and gives them a warm place to sleep. Furthermore, if you’re planning on getting hens who will lay eggs, a nice, warm chicken coop will be essential for them to feel safe enough to lay eggs. Chicken coops are available right here at Conroe Feeders Supply. Order yours today!
  • Chickens provide fresh eggs. Fresh eggs in the morning laid by your own chickens and served up with bacon, toast, and pancakes are some of the best food in this world. Hens usually require a bit more chicken feed, but the result is well worth it.
  • Chickens provide your lawn with natural fertilizer. Since chickens roam around, they naturally leave behind their droppings, which will fertilize your yard for you. Here at Conroe Feeders Supply, we sell a variety of fertilizer for your lawn as well, so if there’s an area your chickens missed, we’ve got the fertilizer you need.
  • Chickens love leftovers. Never feel guilty again about wasting food. With chickens, all you need is a chicken bucket in your home. When you have leftovers, you put them all in the chicken bucket, and go and slop your chickens. Since chickens will eat almost anything, you’re saving money on chicken feed as well.

Chickens are creatures that were made for farm life. They eat the bugs that attack your crops and garden. They fertilize your crops and garden. They will help you eat leftovers. And they provide you with hearty, healthy food in the form of eggs. Live poultry can make great pets as well. The secret is getting them as chicks and then periodically holding them as they grow. If you have kids, they will love this. Catching chickens is fun as well for the kids.

Conroe Feeders Supply in Conroe offers chicks for sale during our live poultry seasons. You can also order chicks from us as well in the off-seasons when we don’t carry chicks. We offer the best selection of chicken feed, including chicken feed appropriate for chicks while they are growing. We have all your chicken supplies covered, from what you need to set up a brooder to full-size chicken coops. The best thing that we offer is advice. We’ve been around a long time and know a lot about raising and caring for chickens. If you’re just starting out and know nothing about chickens, we can help.

Chickens make great animals to begin your farm with or to add to your existing farm. Pick up your chicks and chicken supplies from Conroe Feeders Supply today!