Last summer we provided a six-part flea prevention series to help pet and livestock owners better understand the threat that fleas present and how to prevent your animals from falling victim to these tiny dangerous creatures. Now that summer has arrived again, we want to take the opportunity to revisit the topic and provide a friendly reminder about why flea prevention and control is important to keeping your animals happy and healthy.

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The Flea Problem Series.

If you haven’t read last year’s flea series written by our retired veterinarian and animal expert, we suggest you do so now!

Part One helps you identify what fleas are, where they like to live, and how to spot if you have a problem.

Part Two discusses how the fleas may have made their way into your home.

Part Three identifies the dangers that the presence of fleas present. The important thing to note is that they are much more than a nuisance making your pet itchy and can spread some fatal diseases to you and your family!

Part Four highlights the cycle of a flea’s life, and most importantly, how you can interrupt it!

Part Five offers some insight into a flea’s preferences and how we can use their likes and dislikes to rid your home of them.

Part Six offers some practical solutions to preventing and treating flea infestations.

Many people read our series and visited our animal supply shop to get the answers and solutions that solved their pest problem and, undoubtedly, saved their animals lives. Join us today as we answer some of the most frequently asked questions that our expert animal crew got. Our hope is to educate the animal owners of Conroe (and everywhere) to help prevent fleas and the diseases they carry. Our passion is keeping the animals of Conroe healthy!

I treated my flea problem ages ago and have used prevention methods since, but all of a sudden, we seem to have another infestation! How?

As we mentioned in one of our previous posts, flea pupal cocoons can remain dormant for up to two years, waiting for the ideal environment to hatch. If you have recently participated in some home spring cleaning and used a carpet cleaner, these warm and humid carpet conditions may have unintentionally acted as a welcoming party for any unhatched flea cocoons to hatch. Retreat as soon as possible!

Only one of my animals seems to have a flea problem, what should I do?

Treat EVERYTHING! As we have mentioned, where there is one flea, there are dozens more! Treat all of the pets in your home or animals in your herd, even if some seem unaffected. Treat your entire house, even if there is a room that the animals don’t enter. You do, and fleas can be transported on your pants or through adjoining carpet — closed doors mean little to fleas. Treat the lawn around your home.

I only saw one flea, no big deal, right?

Nothing could be further from the truth! The horrifying truth is that even though a single flea only lives for about three weeks, it can lay more than 1,000 eggs in that time, meaning you may have more than a million fleas in less than six weeks! Overreacting is not a thing when it comes to fleas — prevention is paramount and quick, reactive treatment is critical.

Are fleas a concern for my free-range livestock?

Yes, absolutely. Fleas love the dry bedding of straw and sawdust in stables but are quite at home in the tall grass of open pastures. Fleas are right at home on horses, cattle, sheep, goats, swine, and birds. Protect your entire ranch with flea prevention!

My indoor cat has fleas, no need to worry about my cattle, right?

Cat fleas are the most common flea and freely feeds on a variety of animals including humans, cats, dogs, livestock, and raccoons. These tiny pests are big problems and can easily transfer from host to host and is not species-specific.

Where can I get the flea prevention and treatments I need?

Conroe Feeders! At Conroe Feeders, we have everything you need to prevent and treat a variety of pet and livestock pests, including fleas. Connect with us online or stop by our feed shop to speak with one of our experts and get everything you need to treat your animals, home, and lawn.