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Tune into our animal feed blog to learn everything you need to know about feeding your pets and livestock. For all of your animal feed needs contact our feed experts or stop by our farm supply store today!

  1. Does Your Chicken Feed Really Matter?

    Welcome back to our Conroe Feeders animal supply blog. One of the questions we get quite often is “does the chicken feed really matter?” and our response is always an enthusiastic, and quite incredulous “YES!” Before we go much further here, it is important to note that at Conroe Feeders we …Read More

  2. Summer Safety Tips For Your Cattle

    With the passing of Memorial Day, that means summer is in full swing here in Conroe. Now that temperatures will be in excess of 90 degrees for the next few months, if you haven’t already started to take this into account for your cattle, now is the time. At Conroe Feeders, we are passionate about …Read More

  3. You Bought Your First Pony — Now What?

    Congratulations! You’re a horse owner! You’ve waited perhaps years to buy your first pony or horse, and now that you’ve got one, the work begins. For starters, what do you feed your horse? When? What vaccinations does your horse need? When does your horse need shoeing? And what does its whinni…Read More

  4. How the Quality of Feed Affects an Animal

    In our last blog post, we touched very briefly on how the quality of feed that you’re feeding an animal that you’ll be showing can affect the animal itself. For those of you that may not have spent years working on a farm or raising animals, this may seem a little dramatic. The truth, however, i…Read More