At Conroe Feeders, we are proud to offer a wide range of veterinarian supplies to support the healthy growth and development of your animals. Whether you need to vaccinate your puppies, need racing supplements for your horses, or want to show your pigs, we have everything you need to support your animal’s health and wellness. Additionally, we have experts on-site to offer you advice and supply you with veterinarian recommended products.

Tune into our animal supply blog to learn everything you need to know about keeping your animals happy and healthy. For all of your veterinarian supply needs in Conroe, contact us or stop by our farm supply store today!

  1. How To Keep Your Pets Safe This Winter

    In our last post, Preparing Your Livestock For Winter, we discussed some ways to prepare your livestock for the winter months ahead, but, what about your pets? Domesticated pets are not prepared to handle the winter the same way their wild counterparts or your livestock are, and at Conroe Feeders, w…Read More

  2. Why Every Farm Needs a Chicken

    Starting life as a little bundle of soft down, chickens were born cute. They make adorable peeping noises as a chick and are some of the softest animals to hold. Chicks become popular around Easter and at Conroe Feeders Supply in Conroe, we usually get a bunch in for your farm. But have you been hol…Read More

  3. A Guide to the Different Breeds of Cattle

    If you’ve ever gone on a long road trip across the United States, odds are you’ve seen different breeds of cattle. Some are very distinguishable, such as the Texas Longhorn; others, look the same as the one standing next to it such as the Angus cattle. Conroe Feeders Supply is a farm supply stor…Read More

  4. Tips for Your First Year of Showing Livestock

    Having the opportunity to work on a livestock market project is one that should never get passed up. Not only is this a great opportunity for children to learn more about animals, but it provides them with a chance to fully understand discipline and responsibility in regards to livestock. If you hav…Read More