In a world of technology and instant updates, promoting a specific business or product has never been easier and more exciting. One approach has recently set itself aside as an amazingly effective and unique approach to marketing and promotion. Proximity Marketing is an effective tool used by an array of businesses to alert near-by individuals of specific promotions. The ease of the concept has been an appealing aspect for many businesses. A business simply creates a profile within the Proximity Marketing App, and installs the easy-to-use hardware, or beacon, within their physical location. Individuals are encouraged to download the app. Once downloaded, the user is alerted by the business for specific discounts or promotions when they drive, walk, or bike within a 4-mile radius!

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At Conroe Feeder’s Supply, we’re excited to be a part of this promotional opportunity. Napa Auto Parts and several other local businesses are currently using the app as well! Download the app today, and receive real-time updates and alerts for any special offering!