Texas Lawn Care

You want your lawn to stay lush, thick, and green all year long, right? But, each year your lawn will be attacked by an environmental enemy, summer heat stress, more commonly referred to as summer drought stress. Long, hot days can bring about overall poor lawn health in addition to insect and weed infestation.
Early recognition of the warning signs plus proper care can prevent serious damage to your yard. The most common warning signs of a sick lawn include soil gaps, dry mulch bed edges, and ghost footprints. Here, we will discuss these common problems and what you can do to prevent or correct them.

Soil Gaps

Soil gaps can easily be recognized at the perimeter lines where your lawn and sidewalks or driveway meet. Because of drought conditions, soil moisture levels decrease, and a compacting phenomenon occurs creating a noticeable gap or crevice along with a yellowing or browning color to the affected grass area.

Dry Mulch Bed Edges

Bed edge dryness is another easily recognizable symptom of drought stress in your lawn. Look closely at the junction of your beds and your lawn. If you see that the soil is turning light in color, then, you guessed it, you have a summer heat stress condition underway.

Ghost Footprints

Ghost footprints, or drought footprints, and their presence in your lawn indicate action is required NOW! When you walk on your yard in the spring, the footprint you leave in the soft, flexible grass disappears after just a few moments. But, under heat stress conditions and the resulting plant dehydration, these footprints may last for hours. This is a signal of distress in your lawn.

Several steps can reverse summer heat stress. First, water deeply and slowly, but NOT too often. Attempt to provide about 1/3 inch of water every other day, preferably in the early morning, before the heat of the day comes. Consider aerating your lawn to decrease the compaction level of your soil and provide much-needed oxygen and a place for water to travel. Fertilize lightly and treat your lawn with Revive© Organic Based Soil Treatment. During the Spring months, treat your lawn with Revive© Granules to prevent summer heat stress. If heat stress is already taking its toll on your lawn, use Revive© Liquid to help the recovery process. Not only will these products help keep your lawn healthy and green, they will reduce the water requirements during drought conditions.

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