If you’ve lived in Conroe for more than a year, you already know that the summer heat stays and lingers. Nights don’t offer much reprieve from the relentless Texas sun, and that is all a part of the charm. While most animals and vegetation have adapted to the climate, there are some things you can do to help optimize your land’s pasture.

If you have grazing livestock, you know that having a thriving pasture is so much more than maintaining acres of grass or grains. It is your livelihood, and your livestock will depend on it well after the summer months are ended and gone. To help your pasture survive the summer and thrive into fall, follow along in today’s post as we offer some helpful tips.

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Mow what grows.

There is not much benefit to letting the grasses grow uninhibited. On unused land, this may be an acceptable practice, but if you pay attention to what your livestock graze on, it is the new growth down close to the ground. Your grazing animals don’t want the dried out ruffage that has outgrown the green stuff. You can go a little longer for your pasture than you can for your lawn, but keep it mowed to keep it fresh.

Manage pests.

Manage weeds, insects, and rodents that can easily take over the healthy growth of your pasture. A weed and pest control program will involve identifying the specific invaders and treating them with herbicides and pesticides that won’t compromise good vegetation growth or affect the livestock that grazes.

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Rotate to allow for rest.

Your pasture needs rest too! If your livestock is constantly grazing the same areas, it will be difficult for the vegetation to recover. Rotate livestock to allow for resting periods for the pasture. In areas of sparse growth, you may consider reseeding and abandoning the area for a few weeks to allow for germination and growth.

Prepare for fall.

It’s a little early now that summer is just setting in, but before you know it, fall will be here. In the meantime, pay attention to problem areas and begin to develop a fall plan. You’ll want to reseed and allow for growth before you need the land. We recommend a soil test to uncover any problems and to ensure you are feeding your pasture the right things.

At Conroe Feeders, the health of Conroe’s pastures is our passion. We can help provide all sorts of summer growing tips and the products that you need to keep your pasture healthy and comfortable this summer. Connect with us online or just stop by our feed shop to talk with one of our knowledgeable employees today!