Pasture maintenance is not just a springtime project.  If you want your pasture or hayfield properly cared for, we can help you establish a comprehensive, year-round program.  We suggest collecting soil samples in February and October to determine grass yield needs during both the growing and dormant seasons. This is a free service offered to all customers.  From the results of these tests, the soil requirements of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash, plus soil acidity levels can be properly calculated and we can apply pelleted or liquid fertilizers according to those results.  Additionally, we provide weed identification and herbicide application.  Both identification and application should be done in March and November to eliminate warm and cool weather weed germination and growth.  Our pasture maintenance program also includes pasture disking and mowing as your needs require.

Here we have a video of our staff transferring pelleted fertilizer from a Killebrew Trailer into a spreader.