1. The Truth About Fleas – Recap and FAQ

    Last summer we provided a six-part flea prevention series to help pet and livestock owners better understand the threat that fleas present and how to prevent your animals from falling victim to these tiny dangerous creatures. Now that summer has arrived again, we want to take the opportunity to revi…Read More

  2. Solve Your Flea Problem Now! : Part Six

    FLEA CONTROL – HERE’S THE SOLUTION Welcome to the sixth and final installment in our flea series! Now that you have a firm understanding of the life of fleas and the problems associated with an infestation, now it’s time to do something about it! Here, we will give you the solutions — flea p…Read More

  3. Solve Your Flea Problem Now! : Part Five

    Where Do Fleas Live? Welcome back to our series about flea prevention and control. If you have been reading the previous articles, you may be starting to get curious about the lifestyle of these pests. In this installment, we will be discussing flea living preferences. Adult fleas prefer living on s…Read More

  4. Solve Your Flea Problem Now! : Part Four

    Understanding the Flea Life Cycle Welcome back to part four of our six-part flea prevention and treatment series. If you haven’t yet, make sure to read the previous installments here. In this portion, we will take a minute to discuss the life cycle of the flea. Our hope is that this will help you …Read More